Measure D

On March 5, 2024, Larkspur voters will consider a referendum of Ordinance No. 1067 regarding rent stabilization. Information about Measure D below.


Referendum of Ordinance Regarding Rent Stabilization. Shall Ordinance No. 1067, establishing a prohibition on residential real property rental rate increases that exceed five percent plus Consumer Price Index or seven percent, whichever is lower, in a twelve-month period annually, and defining a base rent as the rent in effect on May 8, 2023, be adopted?

YES                             NO

Votes required to pass: Majority voter approvalReferendum of ordinance regarding rent stabilization

County of Marin Registrar of Voters 

11/15/2023 City Council Item 8.1 - Referendum for 1067

City Attorney Impartial Analysis

Argument Against Measure D 

Argument In Favor of Measure D

Rebuttal To Argument in Favor of Measure D

Rebuttal To Argument Against Measure D