Creating a Public or a Contractor Account

Please Note: If you are a Licensed Contractor, please sign up under “Contractor Registration” using your company name. "Public Accounts" are not for Contractors.

How to setup an account:

1. Navigate to the top of the Larkspur eTRAKiT page and click "Setup an Account":  

2.  Select “Public” or “Contractor” registration:

3.  Complete all the information in the form. Fields that have an asterisk (*) next to them indicates that they are required. When finished, click "Create Account":

4. Continue to Dashboard - Once your account has been created you will be directed to your “dashboard.” As you start to create activities on the eTRAKiT Portal or link your new account to permits and projects, all the linked permits will show on the dashboard. From the dashboard you can schedule and manage inspections, pay fees or review comments and notes from staff:


An account will be created with the information provided and assigned an automatic ‘Contractor Number’, example AEC123 and you will be taken directly to your dashboard. You will be able to upload the required documentation (ie: copy of current license, insurance, workers comp, etc.) and pay fees if applicable. You will receive an email notification once your account has been put into an active status.

Contractors Signing In for the first time:

1. Click “Forgot Password /Username” at top right of page:

2. Click “Contractor” to begin the password recovery process:

PART A: Password Reset

1. Enter the email address associated with your account and click on reset password. An email will be sent to the email address on file (be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive an email).

2. Confirmation message.

3. Email with link to reset your password

4. Follow instructions to reset your password and click submit.

5. Once your password is reset you will be directed to your dashboard. You can now begin submitting applications online. 

PART B: Permit Application Process

Process for submitting applications will be the same for public users and contractors/design professionals.

1. Login to your account: 

  • Log in with a public login if you are a homeowner or as a contractor. 
  • See the Contractor Log In section of this document for more information.

2.  Read and agree to the City disclaimer.  Choose “I Agree” to continue, if you choose “I Disagree” you will be taken back to the homepage, click continue.:

3. Fill out the following fields, fields marked with * are required fields. Information will vary based on project type selected.

4. Under Location in “Search By” box select address or parcel and enter site address or parcel number for location and click search and click on address in the results window.

  • Permits must be linked to a valid Larkspur parcel or address.
  • If your address or parcel number is not found, please make sure that you are using the correct address format. TIP: omit “street” “road” or “avenue” and just type in part of street name. If the address does not populate and you have verified the address is within City limits, please contact the Building Department at 415-927-5038.

5. Once you click on the address you will see the address you selected as shown below:

6. Select your relationship to the application.  If you select property owner or contractor your information will auto-populate on the next screen.  

7. Upload any documents required. You must select the file AND ALSO CLICK “UPLOAD.”

  • Visit Larkspur Building and Planning division websites for lists of what is required for submitting.
  • Please name your files in a way which describes the item submitted and do not combine documents. For example, if you attach your construction management plan to another document staff may not notice it was received. City staff will review your application and notify you If you need to submit additional documentation.
  • The following document types are accepted:  PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, JPG and PNG
  • PDF files are preferred. Click “Next Step”.

8. Contact Information: Fill out the following fields, fields marked with * are required fields and click “Next Step”

  • *Most of this information will be already completed based on your profile information.
  • The owner information should pre-populate based on the owner of record according to the County Assessor’s Office. This may not reflect recent changes made in ownership.

9.  Review and Submit: Review Information.  You will be able to review and make edits to your application if needed. When done with any edits needed, click “Next Step”.

  • Upon submission of your application, City staff will review your application and notify you if the application is incomplete or if more information is needed.

 10. Checkout/Confirmation: Payment requirement will vary by application type:

  • If plan check fee is required, you must select “Add to Shopping Cart” and pay just the Plan Check Fee.
  • If no plan check fee is required, you may select “Pay Now” and pay for the permit.

 11.  Click “View Permit” to view your application and obtain your permit number.

Example of permit below:


Your permit will now be shown in your dashboard, from here you will be able to monitor overall progress, pay fees if applicable, request inspections and follow progress with reviews and inspections.


Once your permit is in an “Issued” status, you will be able to request inspections.

  • Please note our Inspections policy:  Inspections can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance from the current date. Each inspection type has a cap (max inspections per day). When the cap is reached, the day is removed from the “Requested Date” drop down menu. If the cap is reached for the entire time period, no dates would be displayed. In this situation please check back as availability can open as the next day becomes available.
  • If the preferred dated is not available and the inspection request is time sensitive, you may check with the inspector for an alternate available date. Availability is based on the current inspection load and the priorities for inspections.
  • Inspections are active once an Inspector's name has been assigned. Inspection status is updated daily by 8AM.

Request an Inspection:

1. Click on the “Request” link to begin the request.

2. Fill out the following fields, fields marked with * are required fields and click “Submit”

3. Read and click “Accept” to accept the disclaimer.

4. You will now see the chosen date in your dashboard.

Cancel an Inspection:

You may cancel your inspection up to 3:00PM the day before the inspection is scheduled.

  • We cannot guarantee the inspector will be contacted prior to visiting the job site for same day cancelations
  • Click on the “Red X” link to begin the request.