Safety Tips for Children

Safety Tips
Kids SafetyIt is that time of year when school is almost out and kids will be spending more time at home, unsupervised. If you are one of the millions of households with a home computer, this means that your child may be spending more time "on-line". Parents must be aware that there are a few risks to children using online services that include exposure to inappropriate material such as pornography, and graphic language/suggestive writings, physical molestation, and harassment such as obnoxious or threatening messages.

A computer allows strangers into your house. Children using the "chat" rooms can obtain a false sense of security and are susceptible to requests for personal information about themselves or their families. The other "kids" in the chat room are often really adults, possibly a child predator, trying to lure your child and gain their friendship, eventually ending in a face-to-face meeting.

These tips will help you and your child enjoy the Internet, while maintaining your privacy and safety