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Larkspur - 100 Years

Additional Services
Exam Proctoring
The Library provides exam proctoring services for students needing to take supervised open-book or closed-book exams for their education programs. The Library charges $25 per session (maximum of 3 hours), payable in cash or check made out to Larkspur Library.

Scheduling of Exams
Arrangements should be made at least two weeks in advance with a Librarian by calling (415) 927-5005, and setting up an appointment for the exam. Once an exam date has been scheduled, the student should contact their school to arrange for the proctoring agreement between the school and the library, and for the delivery of the exam. The exam results will be returned directly to the school according to the proctoring agreement. If the exam is to be returned by USPS mail delivery, it will be sent regular mail. The student may provide a prepaid express mail envelope if they would like it returned more quickly.

Location for Exams
Larkspur Library is located at 400 Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur, California.