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City of Larkspur's Parks Donation Program Application

  1. City of Larkspur's Parks Donation Program Application

    Thank you for your interest in support our Parks Donation Program! Please kindly complete the following information.

  2. I would like to donate the following:*
  3. A maximum 4 lines of text and 50 characters per line for benches or and 80 characters per line for tables.

  4. If you have a desired park or trail in mind, please indicate your request below. We will try to accommodate your request, however, final location will be at the discretion of the Directors of Public Works.

  5. Acknowledgement — By signing below, I understand that:

    I have read and fully understand the attached Policies & Guidelines of the Parks Donation Program.

    • The City makes all final decisions, including but not limited to, installation location and scheduling, and style of the donation item.
    • All language used on plaques is subject to approval.
    • This application must be approved prior to acceptance of the donation.
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