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eComments for Planning Commission Meetings

  1. eComments can be submitted during the LIVE, REAL TIME Planning Commission Meeting. To submit written public comment prior to the start of the meeting, please email and your comments will be distributed to the Larkspur Planning Commission
  2. Your name and address are required to maintain public records of the comments received.
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  4. Please state your views succinctly, avoid repetition, and limit your comments to 200 words.
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  6. Acknowledgement of eComment Policies*
    The City is not responsible for the speed of the internet and will not be held accountable if the comment is not received in time to be read live during the meeting. Your comment will be read verbatim, however words including profanity, obscenity, and discriminatory language will not be read into the record in order to avoid disruption of the meeting. Your comment is subject to the same 3-minute limit as in-person spoken comments.
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