What is "Sidewalk CPR"?
Sidewalk CPR is a non-certified, easy to learn method of CPR, in which you can save a life by doing hard, fast chest compressions without providing mouth-to-mouth breathing. It was designed and is intended to enable almost anyone to be a first responder-life saver. No longer do you have to hesitate from getting involved for fear of doing mouth-to-mouth breathing. A firefighter can provide instruction in just a few minutes. More than 300,000 people will die from coronary heart disease this year before reaching the hospital. Victims that receive immediate CPR and a shock from an AED within three to five minutes have a 48 to 74 percent chance of survival. Currently, less than 8 percent of victims survive due to lack of CPR and AED use across the country. So, don't be a spectator to a heart attack. Learn Sidewalk CPR and you may possibly help save someone's life.Sidewalk CPR Marin County Event 2010

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