City Clerk

What does the City Clerk's Office do?

The City Clerk’s Office is committed to ethically serving the needs of the citizens of the community by facilitation the municipal election program, legislative services program, records management program, municipal code, and advisory body program.

Election Services

It is the duty of the City Clerk to conduct Municipal Elections in accordance with the Municipal Code, California Elections Code, and Political Reform Act. The City Clerk provides guidance to candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during and after an election.

Legislative Services

The City Clerk’s Office coordinates the preparation and distribution of City Council Agendas prior to each City Council meeting. Before and after the City council takes action, ensures that actions are in compliance with statutes and regulations, and that all actions are properly executed, recorded and archived. Regular City Council meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise noticed. 

Records Management

The City Clerk is the custodian of many public records of the City, including ordinances, resolutions, minutes of the City Council, election-related documents, campaign disclosure filings, statements of economic interest, and many others. 

Municipal Code

The City Clerk’s office maintains the City of Larkspur Municipal Code, which is a compilation of city laws and regulations and is accessible at City Hall and on-line. 

Advisory Body Recruitment

The City Clerk’s Office coordinates the recruitment process for all of the City’s advisory bodies. Vacancy notices and applications are available on-line and in the office. 

Other Duties

The City Clerk administers oaths of office; attests and seals official documents; receives and files petitions, appeals, claims and lawsuits against the City; acts as filing officer for the California Fair Political Practices Commission.