Community Arts Grant

City Council of the City of Larkspur Grants Supporting Art Programs in the Larkspur Community

Resolution 15-18 Community Arts Grant

As part of its annual budget process, the City Council shall determine if there are sufficient funds available in the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Fund to allocate monies for grant(s) supporting arts in the Larkspur Community. If the adopted budget includes monies for this purpose, grant proposals shall be solicited, reviewed, and awarded on the following basis.

  • Any non-profit entity serving the Larkspur community may submit a letter toPainting the City Clerk requesting a grant for an amount up to the amount budgeted by the City Council for the program. 
  • The letter shall include (1) a description of the non-profit and its purpose; (2) a description of the program or activity to which the grant would be applied; and (3) what, if any, other funding sources are available for this program or activity. Applicants are encouraged to identify any direct or indirect benefits their program or activity will have for the Larkspur business community. 
  • The application letter shall be addressed to the City Clerk and shall state that its purpose is to serve as a request for a grant under the “Larkspur TOT Art Program.” The letter must be submitted no later than close of business on the first business day in April. 
  • The Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and City Manager shall constitute a review committee that shall determine the eligibility of applications. The review committee shall determine which applications it believes should be awarded grant monies, as well as the size of the award. The review committee will endeavor to fund as many eligible requests as is feasible up to the budgeted amount in the TOT Fund. 
  • At the first City Council meeting in May, the review committee shall present recommendations to the City Council as to which requests should be funded and the amount(s) of the award.