Parks Sign Improvements Project

Where We Are Now

On November 16th, a second Town Hall meeting was held at Park & Rec commission meeting.  Using the results from the first survey conducted in Oct-Nov 2017, staff reported on the analysis and interpretation of results from this survey. The architectural team then presented 3 preliminary design concepts which were developed based on the public feedback.

Survey No 1 Analysis

December 2017 to January 2018 - Public Engagement #2 - New Survey

The public is invited to a second round of engagement to weigh in on the 3 preliminary designs concepts via our on-line Survey #2.

The Survey #2 will be open through Monday, January 8, 2018.

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4th - B stc small
4th -C tra small

October 2017 - Public Engagement #1 - Online Survey Conducted

An on-line survey was conducted to allow citizens to weigh-in on images that they felt best characterized the Larkspur community. Approximately 140 citizens participated.  The survey and the results may be viewed below.

Previous Survey #1

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Suvey 1 intro page

Survey #1 Results

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Survey 1 Results Data_Page_01

September 2017 - Project Kick-Off Community Meeting Held

A community meeting was held on Sep 28, 2017, to kick-off this project. The project team presented a series of display boards with photos of park signs from various park and asked citizen for feedback on the visuals to help guide the development of common design elements that best reflected our community character for future park signs.  A follow-up online survey was conducted for additional public input.

Community Workshop Display Boards

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Public Noticing for Community Workshop

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PPT of Community Workshop 09-28-17
Community Mtg 09-28-2017 notice