Magnolia Ave Improvements

1 Ramp
1 Surveying

ADA Improvements, Phase 2

DESCRIPTION: Accessibility upgrades along Magnolia Avenue.

LOCATION: Pedestrian facilities on Magnolia Avenue between Lark Court and Woodland Road in Larkspur. The project will be phased, with Phase 2 next in the downtown area between King and Post Streets, Phase 3 Post to Woodland, and Phase 4 Lark to King. Phase 1 included spot repairs and improvements to city parking lot at Ward St.

BENEFIT: The majority of the sidewalks, doorway transitions, crosswalk curbing and driveways along the Magnolia Avenue corridor were built prior to the enactment of the 1990 Americans with Disability Act and require modifications to meet current guidelines and standards. Improvements will help provide access through the corridor.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (partially funded) FY 2017/2018—$200,000—VIF. Total—estimated $1,100,000 (phase 2 only)

SCHEDULE (tentative): Phase 2 design 2017/18, CON 2018/19. Phase 3 and 4 design 2018/19, CON 2019/20

2 Current Conditions
2 Improvement Plan

Madrone Ave Crossing Improvements

DESCRIPTION: Improve intersection and crosswalk safety at this intersection on Magnolia Avenue by installing crosswalk enhancements including rapid rectangular flashing beacons and other minor intersection modifications.

LOCATION: Magnolia Avenue at Madrone Avenue in Larkspur

BENEFIT: Improves visibility and safety at the Magnolia/Madrone Avenue crosswalk. In addition to general pedestrian and bicycle traffic, this crosswalk is used by children for school access to St Patrick’s and Marin Country Day Schools and Dolliver Park.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—($ 3,168) - TDA Grant. Total—$111,832

SCHEDULE (tentative): Construction in fall 2017