The Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Every year, City staff develops a Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for council consideration, which serves as a multi-year planning tool to coordinate the financing and scheduling of major projects to improve and maintain its infrastructure.

The Larkspur City Council adopted this year's Capital Improvement Program at the June 2, 2021 City Council meeting. 

How are CIP projects selected?

The CIP is developed from numerous sources, including a review of on-going projects, active grant applications, requests from Council and the community, regulatory mandates and the numerous conditions reports, studies and workgroups that include evaluations and prioritizations of infrastructure needs. The needs are balanced with available funding to develop the CIP, with priority projects funded as early in the five-year program as funding permits.

The list of project needs far exceeds the available funding in the five-year span, and as such staff maintains a list of projects that are not recommended for funding as ‘non-funded projects’ for consideration the subsequent year.

Here is the current projected CIP: Five-Year Capital Improvement Program FY 2023/24 through FY 2027/28


CIP Project Funding Mechanics

Unexpended funds that were allocated in a previous year stay with (are carried-over) the project, and in some cases, no additional funding is required.

In some cases, additional funds are allocated to these projects in the coming fiscal year, either as part of a planned project phasing or to cover unanticipated costs.

New projects will have funding allocations in their first year of activity; however, only the funds for projects with allocation needs in the coming fiscal year are part of the budget adoption.

Capital Improvement Program Archives 

(Includes full project descriptions and budget):







FY 2016-17

FY 2015-16

FY 2014-15