Piper Park 

Mission Accomplished

The Piper Park Playground project is complete and open for business.

Almost any time of day, children of all sizes can be seen climbing, jumping, swinging, spinning, laughing and having a good time!  By design, some of the equipment is more challenging so kids can experiment on "scarier" pieces and feel the thrill of accomplishment when they finally reach their individual goals.

Certain equipment choices were selected with children of differing abilities in mind to allow them to be in the middle of the fun instead of a passive observer.  The large spinning cone (called the Apollo) is one such item that allows less able-bodied or younger children to sit inside the net while it is spinning.  Caretakers of all ages are also enjoying the piece, sometimes being the "spinner" and other times being "spun."

If you haven't done so yet, please stop by the playground and join in the fun!

Your Tax Dollars at Work

This project was made possible by funding from County of Marin Measure A Funds and City of Larkspur Park Development Fees.
Piper Playground complete
Measure A Funding Sign
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Into High Gear - December 19, 2017

The installation is now in full gear.  There are parts and pieces all over the place, but rest assured that it is starting to come together!

A shout-out to the great crew members who are working in cold and wet conditions to get this project completed!  If you're passing by the playground, please give them a "thumbs up" for a job well done.
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Exciting Delivery - December 12, 2017

An intriguing piece of equipment was delivered to Piper Park on Monday morning.  Our apologies to the Larkspur Walkers for the inconvenient timing of the big rig arriving just as the Walkers were getting into their cars to leave. City staff did a great job of traffic control and no walkers or tree stumps were bruised in the process!
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Rain Delays

The heavy rains have made the playground into a mud pit!

The installation crew has been delayed by rain days, needing to pump out water before they can start work and slow movement in muddy conditions.  They are working as fast as they can, but the project is about a week or two behind schedule. 

Main Post Go In - December 7, 2017

The posts for the two new play structures go into the ground.  The fun is starting!
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Down to Bare Dirt - December 2, 2017

The existing playground surfacing has been removed and all ready to start laying out where the new play structures are going in.  The crew will work on putting in new ADA pathways and ramps.

Construction Begins - November 21, 2017

The safety fencing up and the old equipment has been pulled down!
Before PiperPark Playground Panorama3_Fotor.jpg
The wait is almost over!  The renovation of Piper Park playground is scheduled to start on Monday, November 21st.  Some very exciting and dynamic pieces of play equipment are going, and we are very excited!  No spoilers -- unless you want to stop by and check out the progress yourself!  The project is expected to take approximately 5-6 weeks.  Here some of the steps needed:
  • install construction fencing
  • remove wood fiber surfacing and level out (grade) the site
  • demo existing play equipment. (For public safety, the swings area will be closed during construction and reopen along with the new playground.)
  • remove non-ADA pathways and pour new ADA-compliant concrete pathways and ramps
  • begin play equipment installation (this will take 2-3 weeks---there is a lot of fun equipment going in!)
  • install new wood fiber surfacing
  • clean up site, remove fencing
For questions or concerns, please contact Rita Schoch, Public Works Dept, at rschoch@cityoflarkspur.org or 415-927-5784.
This project was made possible by County of Marin, Measure A funding, as well as Developer Park fees.

The people have spoken - Option A "In the Woods" was the favorite

We conducted a survey in Spring 2016 and asked people to select their preferred theme for the new playground.  Over 2/3 of the survey respondents* selected the nature-themed, post-and-deck playground structures.

Timing for the new playground project has tentatively been discussed for Fall 2016.  The City is in the final stages of securing grant funding for this exciting new project.  Check back for updates.
Website Survey Page Option A