Piper Park


Piper Park Playground makeover begins on Monday, November 21st!

The wait is almost over!  The renovation of Piper Park playground is scheduled to start on Monday, November 21st.  Some very exciting and dynamic pieces of play equipment are going, and we are very excited!  No spoilers -- unless you want to stop by and check out the progress yourself!  The approximate 4-5 week project will breakdown like this:

  • Week of Nov 21st -- install of construction fencing, removal & stockpile of wood fiber surfacing, demolition of existing play equipment. For public safety, the swings area will be closed during construction and reopen along with the new playground.
  • Week of Nov 28th -- additional site prep, equipment layout, start of post holes drilling and set-up of largest posts.
  • Week of Dec 5th -- begin installation of play equipment. This will be an exciting week when the new playground really starts to take shape!
  • Week of Dec 12 -- continued installation of play equipment.  If the weather cooperates, this week may be the last week, and playground may open as early as Friday, Dec 16th.  Fingers crossed!
  • Week of Dec 19th -- complete play equipment install, restock & top-off wood fiber surfacing, clean up site, remove fencing. New playground opens by Friday, December 23rd, just in time for Winter break! 
For questions or concerns, please contact Rita Schoch, Public Works Dept, at rschoch@cityoflarkspur.org or 415-927-5784.


Before PiperPark Playground Panorama3_Fotor.jpg
This project was made possible by County of Marin, Measure A funding, as well as Developer Park fees.
New Piper Park Playground coming Oct 2016!

The people have spoken -- Option A "In the Woods" was the favorite!


We conducted a survey in Spring 2016 and asked people to select their preferred theme for the new playground.  Over 2/3 of the survey respondents* selected the nature-themed, post-and-deck playground structures.

Timing for the new playground project has tentatively been discussed for Fall 2016.  The City is in the final stages of securing grant funding for this exciting new project.  Check back for updates.
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