Program Accomplishments and Goals

Program Accomplishments Calendar Year 2012

• Several significant cases adjudicated through successful prosecutions including an attempted homicide/residential burglary in Greenbrae

• Continued to evolve Investigations Division to address Residential Burglaries, Vehicle Thefts, and Bicycle Thefts in communities

• Implemented mobile license plate reader into patrol vehicle for locating stolen vehicles and assisting in major investigations

• Continued to meet monthly with allied agency investigators to review crime analysis and trends throughout the Central Marin jurisdiction and the rest of Marin County

• Continued to attend Patrol briefings and update Patrol about crime trends and high crime areas

• Implemented “bait” bicycle with GPS monitoring system in an attempt to apprehend bicycle thieves

• Continued process of accrediting Detectives through POST’s Institute for Criminal Investigation (ICI)

Program Goals for Calendar Year 2013

• Selection and training of new detective

• Rotate current detective back into patrol

• Explore opportunities with other Marin County Police agencies regarding the
sharing of Investigative Services

• Expand use of “bait” bicycle throughout our communities.