Piper Park
250 Doherty Drive
Soccer fields, sitting and picnic area, tennis courts, softball fields, playground equipment
Rentals at Piper Park are available click here for more information.

Bon Air Landing Park
South Eliseo Drive (next to 557 South Eliseo)
Fishing Dock, sitting and picnic area and greenbelt.

Centennial Park
Magnolia at Alexander Avenue
Picnic tables, tennis courts, benches, drinking fountain, greenbelt and baseball fields.

Doherty Park
Between Lucky's parking lot and Magnolia Avenue
Benches and greenbelt.

Dolliver Park
Magnolia Ave at Madrone Avenue
Playground equipment, restroom and picnic area.

Greenbrae School Park
Eliseo Drive to Parkside Way
Tot lot, basketball court and greenbelt.

Hamilton Park
South Eliseo Drive (next to 1251 South Eliseo)
Greenbelt, sitting and picnic area.

Heatherwood Park
Midway Road at Diane Lane
Play equipment, basketball court, picnic area and greenbelt.

Neighborhood Park
North side of Larkspur Landing Shopping Center
Greenbelt and picnic area.

Niven Park
Barry Way at Drakes Landing
Benches, picnic tables, playground equipment and greenbelt.

Remillard Park
East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
Freshwater marsh, wildlife sanctuary, bay fishing from levee.