Vegetation Management Program

Master Fire Ordinance

The Master Fire Ordinance was created specifically to address the dangers of a wildland fire and is a comprehensive fire safety ordinance intended to reduce the threat associated with wildland interface fire activity. The ordinance designates high-hazard fire zone areas, details specific vegetation problems, provides an abatement policy for the enforcement of fire hazards, addresses the need for chimney spark arrestors, and provides guidelines for vegetation management on properties within the city that are owned by public agencies and utilities.

Vegetation Management

The Larkspur Fire Department has developed the following vegetation management program to help its citizens protect their properties from the potential damage of a wildland fire.
  • Equipment - The city purchased a new water tender in 1997. The tender carries 2,000 gallons of water and supplements those areas of the city where the water supply is less than desirable. The tender is also designed with a locking differential and special tracking system that allows it to operate very efficiently on the various fire roads that border the city. In 1998, a new Type lll urban interface fire engine will join the fleet. This apparatus is a state-of-the-art, four-wheel drive pumper that can access even the most difficult locations.
  • Fire Hydrants - New water mains and additional fire hydrants have been added to high-hazard fire zone areas.
  • Hillside Fire Prevention Program - Engine Company personnel target high-hazard areas and inspect hillside properties. After the inspection, a door hanger is left at the residence detailing any vegetation problems that may exist on the property. For example, a box may be checked requiring the clearance of all flammable vegetation a minimum of 30 from your home, or a recommendation may be made for a chimney spark arrestor.
  • Hillside Restrictive Parking - The City of Larkspur has developed an ordinance restricting parking on narrow roadways, allowing fire equipment access to all areas of the city.
  • Vegetation Removal - A semiannual curbside pick-up program allows residents to place cut vegetation at the curbside, which is removed on specific dates.


The Larkspur Fire Department encourages residents to call with any questions or concerns they may have regarding their property or any property within the city. For questions or more information, please contact Fire Marshal Ruben Martin at (415) 927-5077.