Protecting Your Home

Protecting Your Home & Property from Wildfire

The wildfire season in our region runs from May until the end of October. Although vegetation fires can occur at any time during this period, the likelihood of a major wildfire event occurs when we encounter hot, dry, windy weather.

There is too much vegetation in the hillside areas above Larkspur to drastically reduce the threat. You need to worry about your home and property and take appropriate and reasonable action. Think of wildfire as you would an earthquake. Either scenario is inevitable, so you should plan and prepare. Then, hopefully you, your family, and your home will survive the outcome if either strikes our area.

Wildfire Preparation

For wildfire preparation, utilize the list below:
  • Cut and remove all grasses, broom, and weeds regularly.
  • Keep yards, roofs, and decks clean of all dead and fallen vegetation.
  • Maintain woodpiles and place piles twice the distance away from the structure as the height of the pile.
  • Make sure the roadway frontage areas are clear of weeds, brush, or any other flammable vegetation.
  • Minimize the use of bark shred as ground cover as this is highly flammable, particularly on windy days.
  • Reduce all light, twiggy, woody, flashy, combustible fuels and large amounts of vegetation from around the structure. Remember, just because it's green in color, doesn't meeting it is fire resistive. There are plenty of landscape plants that look lush but burn easily and rapidly. Additionally, the radiant heat from an approaching wildfire will preheat all vegetation so that it will rapidly burn once the fire sweeps through.
  • Remove all dead or dying vegetation.
  • Trim and separate landscape plants within 15 feet of your home to minimize fire spread.

Learn More

For more information, please visit the Fire Safe Marin website. If you have questions, please call the Central Marin Fire Department at (415) 927-5077.