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Residents of Larkspur and the portions of Greenbrae under the City of Larkspur’s jurisdiction are eligible to apply for service on a City advisory body.

Persons appointed to an advisory body must maintain their principal residence within Larkspur/Greenbrae for the duration of their term. If, at any time during the term, a member moves to a principal residence outside Larkspur/Greenbrae, the member shall become ineligible to continue as a member of that body.


When a vacancy occurs, the City Clerk advertises the vacancy on the City’s website, and in the Independent Journal and Twin Cities Times.

Applications may be obtained from the City Clerk’s office at City Hall or on the City’s website – An official application form must be completed for each position. Applications are kept on file for two years for consideration upon any vacancy.


Applications are carefully reviewed by the City Council.

Applicants are interviewed before the entire City Council at a special meeting. Appointments are made after formal voting occurs during a regular City Council meeting.

Term Length

The term length for most advisory bodies is four years. Terms expire on June 30.

An individual appointed to fill a vacancy prior to the expiration of the term for which the predecessor was appointed serves for the unexpired term.


Incumbents are considered for reappointment at the conclusion of their terms. Reappointments will occur during a regular City Council meeting.


In the event that a member is unable to continue serving on a City advisory body, a formal letter of resignation must be submitted to the assigned staff liaison and the City Clerk. 

Tips for Applying

Fill out a separate form for each board or commission in which you are interested. It is to your advantage to tailor each application to the specific board or commission for which you are applying.

Emphasize different aspects of your background to match those needed for a particular board or commission. Emphasize your talents. Clearly indicate how your particular talents, skills, training, or experience will benefit the board or commission for which you wish to be considered. This is your opportunity to toot your own horn.

Become familiar with the appropriate board or commission. Attend meetings, talk with board or commission members, or read documents they have developed to acquaint yourself with their work. Talk with the department head responsible for staffing the specific board or commission in which you are interested.

More Information

For more information, please contact Jamie Kuryllo at (415) 927-5002.